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2022-05-14 14:07:42


       Now it is the winter holiday of 2018.  Many students are staying in China to visit the beautiful scenery and to experience the colorful culture during this holiday.


       The University is planing to hold "Photos/Videos Collection on Experiencing the Chinese Culture in China during 2018 Winter Holiday " among international students in Guangxi Medical University.  Requirements are showed as the following:  

一、活动时间Period:即日起至2018年2月13日From today to 13rd Feb. 2018

二、截止时间Deadline:2018年2月13日23:00  23:00 on 13rd Feb.2018

三、活动主题Topics:来华留学的国际学生在中国旅行、体验中国传统文化 International students travel in China and experience Chinese traditional culture

四、活动对象Attendees:广西医科大学国际学生 international students studying in Guangxi Medical University


(一)图片作品Photos:使用相机、手机等拍摄的照片,附上50-100字的中文或英文的图片说明(word 文档)Photos taken by cameras or cellphones.  Please write a 50-100  words introduction for your photos in Chinese or Eglish(Please write in a Word document)

(二)视频作品Videos:使用手机(须加装自拍杆)、摄像机等拍摄的视频,长度不限。Videos taken by cellphones(must be fixed with a selfie stick) or cameras.  There is no time limited. 

(三)内容符合相关规定,主题积极向上.Please make sure that

1) your photos or videos do not break any law, rule or regulation. 

2)the topic of your photos or videos is positive.


Please send your photos(with their introduction in Word), videos send to email chenyuanyuan@gxmu.edu.cn.  Please type your Chinese name, English name, grade, major and the name of your work as your email topic and email content. 


      The University will select 15 works to display in the GXMU wechat and give  gifts to owners of selected works.


       The final explanation right of this activity is reserved by Guangxi Medical University.

   心动不如行动,快走出宿舍,去记录你难忘的2018 寒假中国之旅吧!

        If you really wish to attend, please leave your dorm now, and take your cellphone to record your unforgettable trip in China in 2018 winter holiday.