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THE KEY, THE DOOR, AND JORDAN BYD's New Energy Vehicles Enter Jordan

An article I read when I was a kid about the Dead Sea where swimming is similar to floating, was my first access to know about Jordan. Thanks to BYD Tang and the e6, I finally got the chance to visit this country.

Jordan is a resource-poor country located in the Middle East. When Prophet Moses led his men out of Egypt and back to Jordan, he went up to Mount Nebo, gazing at his hometown, the land of milk and honey. Bordering the Dead Sea, it lacks fresh water; harboring precious stones, it lacks oil.

Due to its resource scarcity, Jordan's government has been putting into great efforts in promoting new energy vehicles to cut resource consumption and improve energy independence. Japanese and South Korean HEVs like the Prius and the Camry are already very popular here. As a new comer, BYD, with its outstanding products, is very likely to gain a firm foothold here.

Preparations shall be made prior to setting out. Before our new models hit the streets, we had to conduct regional adaptability tests and make technical presentations, which gave me a chance to meet Jordan, a country with long history, for the first time.

In the morning, when cars hadn't crowded the streets, we drove the e6 in a relaxing fashion through the streets and lanes of Amman. The blue-and-white model was so eye-grabbing that we could feel people's eyes were glued to us. Amman is built on the top of hills with large sloping areas at different heights and streets with different width. On these streets we held performance comparison tests.

We invited Issam Alnosh, After-sales Manager of Nissan, to test drive our model and compare it with their model, Leaf. Right at where we started was a big downhill followed by an uphill and Issam effortlessly drove past the area. Performing well under various road conditions, the e6 won applauds from Issam for its smooth handling, amazing acceleration performance and optimized driving space, especially the acceleration and driving range.

We checked all of the Tang and e6 models exported to Jordan one by one and did a thorough PDI check on one of the Tang models. In the meantime, we also invited clients to test drive the Tang models and presented driving instructions. They had driven Tang on crowded roads, through narrow lanes, past airport expressway, and of course uphill and downhill. They all gave thumbs up to Tang's acceleration capability and multimedia system. What mattered more was that our clients praised Tang's sound insulation and noise reduction, which made it stand out from its fuelpowered counterparts. As a large plug-in hybrid SUV model, Tang is expected to have better prospects in Jordan.

When we were going back to China, it was Tang that carried us to Queen Alia International Airport. Under the azure sky, we sat in Tang delightedly, surpassing others one after another.

Having worked in after-sales services area for several years, I know that stable performance, outstanding power system and air conditioning are the keys to the market, while excellent after-sales services are the force to help you open the door. Now the keys have opened the door to Jordan, and we have to march on!


BYD 新能源车走进约旦 





上午,约旦的马路还处于半休闲状态,我们驾驶着BYD e6轻松地穿梭在安曼城中的大街小巷,蓝白车身作为一道靓丽风景线穿梭而过,吸引着人们的目光。安曼是一个建立在山顶上的城市,城市中布满了多种坡度的上坡下坡山路、宽阔的马路和狭窄的巷路。为了体现出我们车辆的出色性能,我们做了做性能对比测试。

我们邀请了尼桑售后服务经理Issam Alnosh对我们的产品进行试驾,和聆风的驾驶体验作比较。我们从尼桑的售后服务店出发,出门就是一个大坡度的下坡和上坡路。Mr. Issam驾驶e6毫不费力的通过了这段路,并且找了服务店附近的各种路况测试,都出色的完成。BYD e6优秀的操控性能,加速性能和驾驶空间体验都得到了Issam的极大赞赏,特别是就出色加速性能和行驶里程两项评价非常好。



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