Pizza-Ordering Sneakers Can Order a Pie and Pause the TV For You

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By Shan Qiqing

April 13, 2018 | 02:00 p.m. (Beijing time)

Sources: Neowin, Engadget, Fox News, The Daily Meal, USA Today, the official website of Pizza Hut.


We can order pizza and pause TV 

with sneakers now ???

A video ad shows how a pair of Pie Tops II works. Video retrieved from Pizza Hut on April 12, 2018.


Pizza Hut launched a pair of sneakers that can order pizza by pushing a button on the sneakers in 2017. This year, Pizza Hut updated the sneakers. The updated sneakers can also pause live TV when the pizza is at the front door.

The photo shows the new red Pie Tops II launched by Pizza Hut in 2018. Photo retrieved from Pizza Hut on April 12, 2018.


Mobile apps have made it easier than ever to order pizza at the touch of a button. But could you imagine that your can order pizza and pause your TV with the button on the shoes? 

Pizza Hut launched a pair of high-top sneakers — or Pie Tops, as they’re calling them — that can order pies at the push of a button in 2017. Each pair of shoes reportedly contains a Bluetooth device that syncs up with the Pizza Hut mobile app, allowing users to order a pre-selected pizza (or the default Supreme Pizza) just by pressing on the shoe’s tongue. The sneakers are also fitted with geo-location technology that allows deliverymen to find customers wherever they are. 

A man is showing the button and how to press the button on the Pie Tops I launched by Pizza Hut in 2017. Gif retrieved from Pizza Hut on April 12, 2018.

However, the die-hard pizza/sneaker fans shouldn’t get their hopes up about snagging a pair. In an interview with David Daniels, Pizza Hut's vice president of media and advertising, said the company will only be giving away 64 pairs of their new Pie Tops and very few of those will find their way to the general public.

"The bulk of these will go to influencers [and] media, just to create buzz and talk value, and we've reserved some for the opportunity for a select few Pizza Hut super-fans to receive a pair of these custom Pie Top high-top tennis shoes," Daniels said.

A deliveryman is showing a pizza from Pizza Hut. Gif retrieved from Pizza Hut on April 13, 2018.

In 2018, Pizza Hut is bringing back its Pie Tops sneakers. The Pie Tops II can not only order pizza but also can pause your TV when your pizza is at the front door. Pizza Hut added the ability to pause live television to highlight the chain's sponsorship of the NCAA's March Madness. 

Users will be able to sync the sneakers with their Pizza Hut app on their smartphones, and by pressing the Pizza Hut logo on the tongue of the shoe, order pizza. There will also be an additional button on the inside of the tongue that will allow content on the live television to be paused. This will work through your local cable provider.

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The photos show the look and the functional buttons of the new Pie Tops II. 

1)The first photo shows the look of Pie Tops II in two different colors

2)The second photo shows the Flic smart button locked to Pizza Hut's app.

3)The third photo shows the TV pausing button inside a pair of shoes.

4)The fourth photo shows the pizza-ordering button on a pair of shoes.

The first photo retrieved from Pizza Hut and the other photos retrieved from CNET by Sarah Tew on April 13, 2018.

Not only did Pizza Hut update the functionality for 2018, but also made some cosmetic changes to the shoe itself. The Pie Tops I just came in white. The updated Pie Tops II have come in two different colors - red and wheat. There are multiple size options available, including for women and teenagers. 

This is the first time these beasts can actually be purchased. Pizza Hut and The Shoe Surgeon (a custom sneaker designer in Los Angeles) made 50 pairs of these shoes available on hbx.com the week of March 19th. Each pair of Pie Tops II cost $150 (equivalent to about RMB 944 yuan). The entire stock sold out in under 10 secondsMore pairs will come later in the year.



必胜客在2017年推出了一对高帮鞋Pie Tops。这双鞋可以通过按鞋子上的按钮来订披萨。每双鞋都装有蓝牙系统,可以和必胜客的手机App连接,让穿的人可以通过按鞋舌上的按钮来预订之前选购过的披萨或者系统默认的大装披萨。鞋子还被安装了定位系统,让配送员可以准确地找到客户,把披萨送到客户手中。

但是,披萨或者鞋子的狂热粉丝不能过于期望可以抓住机会抢到一双。在对必胜客的媒体与广告部副总监David Daniels的采访中,他表示,公司只发售64双Pie Tops,也会有极少数的人可以获得这双鞋。


2018,必胜客推出了二代产品。二代Pie Tops不仅可以订购披萨,还可以在披萨到门外的时候暂停你的电视直播。必胜客设计这个功能是为了迎合每年3~4月举行的美国大学体育协会(NCAA)男篮锦标赛。因为是在三月举行,所以该赛事也被称为“疯狂三月”(March Madness)。使用者可以把鞋子和手机上的必胜客App连接,通过按鞋舌上的必胜客标志来订购披萨。除此之外,鞋舌里面有另一个按钮,可以暂停你的电视直播。这个按钮可以通过有线服务供应商来运作。

必胜客不仅更新了这双鞋的功能,还在鞋子的外观上做了改变。一代的Pie Tops只有白色,但是二代的Pie Tops红色和小麦色两种颜色。还有不同的尺码可以选择,包括女性和青少年的尺码。

这双鞋在今年会第一次向公众发售。今年319,必胜客和美国球鞋客制团队The Shoe SurgeonHBX上发售了50,一双150美元(折合人民币944元)。一上架就在10秒内被抢购一空。晚一点将会发售更多双。


Translated and edited by Shan Qiqing

April 13, 2018

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